Black Fleece Female Dog Waterproof Layer Incontinence Pants - S to XXXL

Black Fleece Female Dog Waterproof Layer Incontinence Pants - S to XXXL
Black Fleece Female Dog Waterproof Layer Incontinence Pants - S to XXXL Black Fleece Female Dog Waterproof Layer Incontinence Pants - S to XXXL Black Fleece Female Dog Waterproof Layer Incontinence Pants - S to XXXL Black Fleece Female Dog Waterproof Layer Incontinence Pants - S to XXXL
Prices vary from £15.99 to £19.49
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Black Fleece Female Dog Urine Incontinency Nappy

Female Dog Incontinence Nappy with a Waterproof layer between the soft fleece.

What size should I order?

We take every effort to ensure a comfortable fit for your girl, however we appreciate that all dogs are unique and may vary in shape. We can do custom orders for a perfect fit for no extra charge - simply fill in the details when placing your order and let us know what type of breed you have.

Custom orders...please measure the following - for diagrams see Sizing Guide page or listing photos:

  • the exact waist measurement – just in front of the hip/thighs
  • a measurement from the top of her tail to the top of her back where the waistband (Velcro section) would go
  • a measurement from the base of her tail, to between the legs, ending underneath on her tummy where the waistband would go. This is so we can get the correct length for you and tail hole position.
Females come in all shapes and sizes - the dog breeds provided below are given to help out.  However it’s always best to measure so that you order the closest size that will best fit. If you have a smaller dog with a larger waist - order the size where the suggested breed is closest to your breed - then let us know the waist measurement.

Tail Position - if you have a longer bodied breed, like a Spaniel, let us know and we can place a lower postioned tail hole. We can also make the tail hole bigger or smaller if you tell us - just send the waistband (Velcro section) to top of tail measurement and an idea of the circumference of the tail.

Small (S) - fits waist from 12"(31cm) to 15"( 38.5cm)
Customers have bought this size for Pomeranians, Toy Poodles, Papillions, Chinese Crested, Jack Russells,  Miniature Schnauzers,  Yorkshire Terriers, Japanese Chin, Border Terriers - if your breed is similar to one of these but you need a longer waist - order this size and send your waist measurement.

Medium (M) - fits waist from 15" (38.5 cm) to 17.5" (44.5cm)
Customers have bought this size for their Westie, CKCS,  Cocker Spaniel, Lhasa Apso, Beagle, Whippet, German Spitz Mittel, Lurcher, Schnauzer, Pug and smaller Staffies.

Medium Long (ML) - fits waist from 17" (43cm) to 19.5" (48cm) 
For the above stated Medium sized breeds - who need a bit extra for the waist band - if they still need a bit more, order this size and enter the waist measurement.

Large (L) - fits waist from 18" (45cm) - 21" (53cm)
We have made this size for owners of Boxers, Dalmations, Greyhounds, smaller type fine boned Labradors, Airedales, Border Collies, Hungarian Vizla, larger Staffies, Husky,  and Standard Poodles.

Large Long (LL) - fits waist from 20" (51cm) - 23" (59cm)
This is the 'Large Body' size which fits the above listed breeds - but with a longer strap for a thicker waist.

Extra Large (XL) - fits waist from 21" (53cm) to 24"(61cm) 
This size is longer in the back - which is the section from the velcro waistband to the top of the tail - it is also longer in the section that would go between the legs - customers have bought this size for their German Shepherds, German Short Haired Pointer, Springer Spaniels and similiar sized breeds.

XXL - fits waist from 24" (61cm) to 27" (69cm)
The body is the same size as the XL - but the strap is longer.

XXXL - fits waist from 27" (69cm) to 30" (76cm)

The body is the same size as the XL with an even longer strap.


This product is designed exclusively to help cope with a urine incontinent or leaky female dog. It is based on our popular Season pants, but is wider in the section that goes between the legs - and has a waterproof lining in that area to help prevent leaks.

Simply place into position a Tena Pad, a Supermarket brand Incontinency pad (Tesco value brand works well) or
if you need extra absorbancy a Newborn Baby Nappy liner - Size 2 is a good place to start.

The product has extra strong wide Velcro to help keep it fastened.

How do you use?

Simply pull the tail through the hole, put the section with the pad/liner between the legs, position the knickers so they fit comfortably then fasten the velcro waistband straps to the top part of the pants. Firmly pinch the velcro to make sure it’s secure.. Your girl may sit initially or be curious as to what she is wearing, but should very quickly become used to them. Please remove the pants carefully so the velcro ripping sound doesn’t give them a fright.

Remember: you will need to regularly check to see if the pad/liner needs changed.

How to look after them?

The basic knickers can be machine washed at 30C. We advise fastening the Velcro to itself before washing so they don’t stick to other items in your machine. Handwashing is always best. Line Dry. If you get hairs or fluff in the velcro it can be easily removed with a slicker brush.

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