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Male Dog Belly Bands

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We have 4 categories of Male Dog Belly Band Belts - they are as follows:

1) Deluxe Style - these have our original tapered design, elasticated sides. Check out the size charts and choose the best waist size - and also width, bearing in mind the dog's body length and pad requirement. Our bands are designed to work with various pads/liners - which are shown in detail on our 'Pads' page - see top navigation bar. Most of them are machine washable at 30C and tumble dried on low. We also have bands which can be used with our own brand washable / reusable pads - this will be specified on the listing.

2) Incontinent Dog  Waterproof P.U.L Belly Bands with riptape fastening - made from 'premium breathable waterproof' fabric - the outer layer is P.U.L (polyester/polyurethane laminated knit fabric) - this fabric is used in nappies for babies.  These are recommended for heavy urine incontinence. They are lined with very soft, top quality stay dry microfleece.  These bands can also be used with our own brand washable/reusable pads.

3) Incontinent Male Dog Waterproof P.U.L Belly Bands with secure Popper fastening techology  - with an option to use reusable/washable pads which fasten into the product with poppers. Made from premium waterproof fabrics and lined with absorbent bamboo cotton, these bands have a huge waist range due to the poppers being able to close securely on the first setting.

4) Tee-Band outfits  - created for canine houdinis, paralysed dogs and dogs where their shape prevents the band staying in position. This is a deluxe belly band with absorbent towelling lining which attachs to a t-shirt via a popper underneath, the band can also be worn on it's own. We have a limited amount of these and try and list them as often as possible - if the category is closed, it's because we don't have any at the moment, so please check back.

***Due to the enormous variety of belly bands we now have - our Made to Measure service for bands had been discontinued. **

***Remember to measure your dog's waist - and also consider the width of the product in the pad section - see our 'Measure for Boys' page for more information and above size chart ***