2 Zip Large MucBag with Strap - 4 Designs

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2 Zip Large MucBag with Strap - 4 Designs
Large MucBag - with Strap
2 Zip Style

Fed up with your dog's used plastic waste bag flapping about on your walk until you can find an outside bin - try placing it inside a Glenndarcy MucBag. 

The Glenndarcy MucBag Collection feature waterproof PUL Minkie fabric and waterproof PUL bags in various styles and colours, most suitable for your needs. Waterproof PUL is the same material used to contain used baby cloth diaper/nappy wet bags. 

The MucBag provides a stress-free solution for you once you have picked up your dog's waste in a disposable plastic bag (provided by you). 

Place the used plastic dog waste bag inside the MucBag, until you can dispose of the waste in an outside bin.
MucBag has a small handle to hold, and a loop tie with a plastic snap that can be attached, for example, to your belt or belt loop on your trousers, or to your jacket or lead. Some styles also have a cross-over body strap, so you can wear the bag over your shoulder. 

We have 5 styles in several groovy colours: 

1 Zip MucBag - simply holds the picked up used plastic dog waste bag

2 Zip MucBag- the smaller pocket can be used to carry unused waste bags - it is a separately lined to the bigger pocket, which is for containing the used plastic dog waste bag. 

2 and 3 Zip MucBag with shoulder straps. The extra third pocket could be used to contain dog training treats, keys, or for any purpose where a small pocket would be useful. 

Jumbo This size is great for big or multi dogs, this comes with a strap to clip onto your jacket, or lead handle. The Jumbo pocket is lined with an extra absorbent micro-fleece lining - to help contain smell. 

We're hoping the introduction of the affordable and useful Glenndarcy MucBag will help reduce the amount of plastic bagged dog waste bags that are frequently left in our streets, hedges and countryside by encouraging an easier way to transport the waste to a bin. 

Get mucked in, get your Glenndarcy MucBag today!

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Product Code TL-5FQB-ZKIP
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