Dog Mobility Bag - Outdoor Bag Style & Adjustable Harness

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Dog Mobility Bag - Outdoor Bag Style & Adjustable Harness
Dog Mobility Bag - for dogs with rear leg disabilities
Bag-style lower half - Outdoor Waterproof Oxford (420d) fabric with absorbent organic Bamboo cotton lining - this product has a matching adjustable harness

Development. We have worked with a couple of our disabled dog customers to develop our product which we hope will be comfortable and practical for disabled dogs with rear end/leg disabilities.

There are two outdoor styles to attach to an adjustable harness:

1) bag style (this listing)
2) protective trouser style

They both have a comfortable elastic waistband to help them stay in position. We have created two types so you can decide which style will suit your dog and be the most comfortable,
depending on your dog's disabilities.

This product is also available in an indoor luxurious soft waterproof Minkie fabric style.  It is popular as it's not only a very effective fabric, but also quiet with little rustling sound. It is lined with microfleece.

The bag attaches to the harness via Poppers (high quality Kam plastic snaps) plus the harness is adjustable for the best fit via the poppers.

You can easily leave one harness on and switch between the outdoor and indoor bag. One of our customers who trialled this product also noted it helped with lifting their dog into the travel crate for going on walks. 

We recommend using this product in conjunction with one of our Dog Nappy products to help with any accidents. ​​​​​​​

It is available in bright red, so your dog will be as visible as possible for safety. 

*The harness on these products are adjustable and will go slightly under and over the below stated measurements, we suggest you check all the measurements against your dog and select the closest fit. 

Size Small:

Harness size
Neck: 10" (25cm) - 14" (35cm)
Chest girth: 14" (35cm)  - 18" (46cm)
Dog Back length 10" (25cm) - 14" (36cm)
Actual bag length: 14" (35cm)
Bag width: 12" (30cm)
Waist girth : 12.5" (32cm) to 17" (43cm)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Size Medium:
Harness size
Neck: 15.5" (39cm) - 20.5" (52cm)
Chest girth: 20" (51cm)  - 24" 61cm)
Dog Back length 14" (36cm) - 17" (44cm)
Actual bag length: 21" (53cm)
Bag width: 14" (36cm)
Waist girth :16" (41cm) to 24" (61cm)

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Product Code BMBREDM
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