Drying Coats

Drying Coat - great for a wet dog travelling home in the car, or after a bath, to help dry and keep your dog warm.

Lightweight towelling on the inside with polar fleece outer and a cross-over neck, which can be pulled up for extra warmth, or folded back.

Available Sizes:

Size 0 :  Back length 12” (30cm)   Neck 14" (35cm)    Chest Girth  12" (30cm) – 18"    (45cm)
Size 1:   Back length 14” (35cm)   Neck 15" (38cm)    Chest Girth  18"(45cm) –  23.5" (60cm)
Size 2:   Back length 16” (40cm)   Neck 17"  (43cm)   Chest Girth  21.5" (55cm) - 27.5"(70cm)


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