Fixed Top Portable Raised Dog Bed - Size Small

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Fixed Top Portable Raised Dog Bed - Size Small
Dogs love these super comfy portable pet beds - available in 2 great styles. Choose from a removable padded top which is machine washable to 30C or a Fixed top.

These beds are raised off the ground so dogs can relax or snooze in comfort at a slight elevation from drafts or cold flooring. Our dogs love to curl up for a nap or hang out on them.

The Padded beds are simple to assemble, you only need to position the frame corners into the cover pockets and fasten the velcro. The Fixed top style require no assembly.

Both styles come with a handy bag so you can take them anywhere. They are easy to store, they fold up like a camping chair or umbrella - so don't take up much space when not in use or traveling.

Fixed Top Style:
Small size is 65cm x 65cm x 30cm - Black only
Large Size is 115cm x 60cm x 30cm - Black only

General Advice: Keep fingers away from hinges to prevent injury Unfold bed completely before use Pet bed is for use for pets only, do not allow children to sit on it. Do not use if any components are damaged or missing Do not use product near the top of stairs to prevent falls
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Weight 3kg