Flexi-Pants - Patchwork - Size Large/XXL
Flexi-Pants - Patchwork - Size Large/XXL
Flexi-Pants - Patchwork - Size Large/XXL
Flexi-Pants - Patchwork - Size Large/XXL
Flexi-Pants - Patchwork - Size Large/XXL

Flexi-Pants - Patchwork - Size Large/XXL

Product code: 5O-VKGK-1HI1
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Adjustable in 3 areas - for all shapes and sizes.
Flexi-Pants - Patchwork - Size Large/XXL


Size: Large to XXL
Style: Patchwork
Washable Pads option: Yes
Fabrics: Waterproof P.U.L outer / soft microfleece lining

Fully adjustable washable dog season or incontinence pants. 

Adjustable length via buttonhole elastic
Set tailhole position by adjusting plastic poppers
Overlap Hoop & Loop waistband
Washable pads option

Large to XXL –  this product covers:

Waist / Girth - 16" (41cm) - 27" (68cm)
Top of tailhole to top waistband - 3.5"(9cm) - 10.5" (27cm)
Base of tailhole to waistband underneath - 9" (23cm) - 14" (36cm) 

Tailhole opening opening - 5” (13cm)long - position adapted with plastic snaps and can be reduced in length

This product can be used with reusable/washable pads or disposable pads.


 Adjust the overall length via stretchy buttonhole elastic. Once adjust to the preferred length, simply cut off excess elastic.

Product can be decreased or increased - allowing you to make it as comfortable as possible for your pet.

The waistband fastens with hook & loop - which can overlap, allowing a great waist range

The product can be used with our washable pads - choose from either non-waterproof or waterproof pad options

Washable pads are on a separate listing.

Product can also be used with disposable pads, such as supermarket purchased sanitary towels, incontinence pads etc.


 Once adjusted, the pants should fit your dog comfortably. 

Remember to regularly check the washable or disposable pad to  see if it needs changed.


This product is legally Design Right protected with WIPO and UK Intellectual Property Office and may not be reproduced without licence or permission.

5 stars based on 1 review
from Sabey

Perfect fit, perfectly made and perfect for purpose!

This nappy has fit my girlie greyhound perfectly (size L/XXL) with plenty of adjustment space. The material on the outside is really soft and silky feeling and the inside is fleecey and soft too, and so it won't rub. My greyhound is very happy wearing them. Actually, I think they are a bloomin' brilliant product, well thought out and extremely well made and so I am very happy with my purchase. Highly recommend for anyone with a dog with incontinence, or if you have a bitch in season too. Well worth the money. Excellent customer service too, with all questions answered before purchase too. Thank you to Colin and all at Glenndarcy!!!

Product Code 5O-VKGK-1HI1
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