Glenndarcy Female Dog Nappies

Our Dog Season / Heat Pants are designed with comfort in mind using soft Premium fabrics - they have elastic gathering around the hip/thigh area to help them fit more snuggly and you can choose from two types of waistband closing - hook and loop (riptape) or poppers (high quality plastic snaps). 

Our Sizing system is unique to us - please see the size chart to the left. There are 2 key measurements - 'waist' and 'overall product length'.  There is a diagram to help with measuring your dog. If your dog is at the top end of a size, consider the next size up so there is plenty of riptape overlap to hold the waistband together.  Please also consider the breeds we suggest for sizes and compare the type to your dog - if you have a bigger dog with a smaller waist - or vice versa - then consider our Adjustable Smarty pants, adjustable Flexi-pants or a product with a Popper fastening (this allows for a bigger waistband ratio on a smaller body size).

**Please note : Popper fastening products have different waist size measurements - please see the size guide or individual listings**

****** Prices Vary  ******

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