Glenndarcy McTog Waterproof Dog Jumpers

​​​​​​​We have three Styles to choose from:

1) All-over Waterproof Microfleece 

This jumper is made from our own especially made and designed soft, lightweight non-rustle waterproof microfleece for all over comfort - features a microfleece crossover neck.

We also have an over/under style, which is the same design as our drying coats  - it is currently only available in Cosmo. 


2) Combo

Cosy Polar Fleece upper, waterproof tummy/chest. Crossover microfleece neck, to make it easier to pull over your dog's head. 


3) Over/Under style

Same design as our drying coats, make in our own especially made waterproof microfleece  - it is currently only available in Cosmo. ​​​​​​​

Prices vary ​​​​​​​

Measuring for a McTog video - with tips on putting on and taking off towards the end



*Zip Up and Over/Under Mctogs have different sizes, please see the listing for more information


'May be suitable for' for the following breeds - as dogs size/types can vary, please measure your dog as shown in the diagram. If your dog is in-between sizes, order the LARGER size.
Size 00 - 
Suitable for: Chihuahua - under 2.5kg
​​​​​​​Size 0Suitable for: Small JRT dogs around 4kg
Size 1
Suitable for: Toy Poodle, small Pug, Chinese Crested
Size 2
Suitable for: Mini Schnauzers, Mini Poodles, Cockapoo, small Working Cocker Spaniels
Size 3 - Suitable for: Medium size spaniels
Size 3S(Slim) - Suitable for: long bodied but slim spaniels. 
Size 4 - Suitable for: Springer Spaniel, larger Border Collie
Size 4S(Slim) - Suitable for: slim Collies
Size 5 - 
Suitable for: Standard Poodle, small Boxer, Labradoodle
Size 5S (Slim)
- Suitable for: ideal for slim / athletic dogs
Size 6 - 
Suitable for: Bearded Collie, Rottweiler, Boxer
Size 6S (Slim) Suitable for: slim larger dog

Suggested breeds are a general guideline as breed/type often varies, please also measure your dog. If your dog is in-between sizes, order the LARGER size.​​​



We do not offer an adjustment / alteration / custom request service for the McTogs.

Additionally please note our mctogs do not have harness/ lead gaps - we suggest you put your dog's harness over the top of the jumper, which is not only a more practical solution but would also make it more comfortable for them. 

**Size 00 is currently only available in x1 Lavender No Sleeves**
**Size 6 Slim is currently only available in Blue Tartan and Starburst No Sleeves**


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