Glenndarcy McTog Waterproof Dog Jumpers

​​​​​​​We have three designs to choose from:
1) Lightweight all-over Waterproof Microfleece
2) Polar fleece upper, waterproof PUL tummy
The above mctogs have a cross-over fleece neck and many come 'WITH' Sleeve or 'NO' Sleeve version
3) O
ver/under style, which is the same design as our drying coats  - it is currently only available in Cosmo.

Prices vary.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


​​​​​​​Lightweight Fleece / Waterproof P.U.L tummy combination:

Keep your dog warm and drier with this Polar fleece Dog Jumper - featuring a unique cross-over fleece neck - which make it easier to pull over your dog's head - you can position the fabric up for maximum warmth or tuck it over. 

This jumper also has premium double layer waterproof P.U.L fabric on the tummy and chest to help keep your dog as dry as possible during walks or exercise in wet grass / fields etc.


Waterproof Microfleece:

The entire jumper is made from soft, lightweight non-rustle waterproof microfleece - all over comfort .
We also have an over/under style, which is the same design as our drying coats  - it is currently only available in Cosmo. 



*Zip Up and Over/Under Mctogs have different sizes, please see the listing for more information


'May be suitable for' for the following breeds - as dogs size/types can vary, please measure your dog as shown in the diagram. If your dog is in-between sizes, order the LARGER size.
Size 00 - 
Suitable for: Chihuahua - under 2.5kg
​​​​​​​Size 0Suitable for: Small JRT dogs around 4kg
Size 1
Suitable for: Toy Poodle, small Pug, Chinese Crested
Size 2
Suitable for: Mini Schnauzers, Mini Poodles, Cockapoo, small Working Cocker Spaniels
Size 3 - Suitable for: Medium size spaniels
Size 3S(Slim) - Suitable for: long bodied but slim spaniels. 
Size 4 - Suitable for: Springer Spaniel, larger Border Collie
Size 4S(Slim) - Suitable for: slim Collies
Size 5 - 
Suitable for: Standard Poodle, small Boxer, Labradoodle
Size 5S (Slim)
- Suitable for: ideal for slim / athletic dogs
Size 6 - 
Suitable for: Bearded Collie, Rottweiler, Boxer
Size 6S (Slim) Suitable for: slim larger dog

Suggested breeds are a general guideline as breed/type often varies, please also measure your dog. If your dog is in-between sizes, order the LARGER size.​​​​



​​​​​​​**Size 00 is currently only available in With Sleeves - Cerise/Black or Blue Tartan or No Sleeves Lavender **


We do not offer an adjustment / alteration / custom request service for the McTogs.

Additionally please note our mctogs do not have harness/ lead gaps - we suggest you put your dog's harness over the top of the jumper, which is not only a more practical solution but would also make it more comfortable for them. 


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