Luxury Belly Band Outfits

The Tee-Band is stylish, practical and ideal for dog's with a shape where a belly band could slip off - as well as canine houdini's - the belly band fastens to the T-shirt below to help prevent it from moving.
Comfy lightweight 100% cotton T-shirt with Deluxe Belly Band - the bands can also be worn on their own.

Some of the Belly Bands are lined with absorbent Bamboo toweling, other soft fleece (they will also require a disposable pad).

*Please note - Glenndarcy Belly Bands from other listings will not work with this product as they do not have the popper tab attached - these products use disposable pads only*
Our Sizing system is unique to us, measure your dog and use our Size Charts accordingly

Prices Vary

Extra Small:

T-Shirt Size: 9" Back / 12" Chest / 8" Neck
Belly Band Size: waist size from 10" (25cm) - 12" (31cm) - the pad section is 4" (10cm) wide.  Suitable for: Chihuahuas

Extra Small Long:
T-Shirt Size: 11" Back / 13.5" Chest / 9" Neck
Belly Band Size: waist size from 12" (31cm) - 14" (35.5cm) - the pad section is 4" (10cm) wide. Suitable for: Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Maltese

T-Shirt Size: 12" Back / 15" Chest / 10.5 Neck
Belly Band Size: fits waist from 13" (33.5) - 15" (38.5cm) - the part the pad attached is attached to is 5" (13cm) wide. Suitable for: Poms (over 6lbs), Chinese Crested, Min Pins, Jack Russells, Papillion, Shih Tzu, Toy Poodles

T-Shirt Size: 14" Back / 17.5" Chest / 12" Neck
Belly Band Size: fits waist from which will fit a waist from 16" (40.5cm) – 18" (46cm) - the part the pad is attached to is 6.5" (17 cm) wide.  Suitable for: Bichon Frise, CKCS, Westies, Border Terriers, Cocker Spaniels, Lhasa Apsos, Whippets, Min. Schnauzers, Min. Poodles, Pugs

Medium Long:
T-Shirt Size: 15.5" Back / 19.5" Chest / 12.5" Neck
Belly Band Size: fits a waist from 19" (48.5cm) to 21" (54cm) - for the suggested Medium sizes that need a bit extra around the girth. Pad section is 6.5" (17cm) Suitable for: Medium size breeds listed above needing more waist length.

T-Shirt Size: 17.5" Back / 21" Chest / 14" Neck
Belly Band Size: fits a waist from 20" (51cm) to 22" (56cm)

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Luxury Tee-Band Outfits - Size Small - Arty One !
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This product uses disposable pads only
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