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There are over 400 types of Dog breeds in the world and additionally a huge variety of cross-breeds and mixed breeds - all which differ in size and type.

Our Sizing system is unique to us - we cater for dogs starting at 3lb and go up to Great Dane size dogs. We advise all customers to look at our Size Guides, measure their dog's waist and order accordingly. It's best not to guess - as although you may think you have a Medium size dog for example, like a Springer Spaniel, despite their shorter legs they have a bigger body, longer lower back and are usually our size Large or XL depending on their waist and required width for the pad section.

Measuring will save you time. If you are confused on what to order - email us at and please tell us your breed/type and measurements so we can offer the best advice.

'A' Waist Measurement - visualize where the belly band would go - then take a cloth measuring tape and measure as shown below. In this case on our example the waist would be 15". NB. Our measurements are shown in cm too on the listings and measurement charts.

Belly bands also come in widths (the section where the pad goes) - the widths of the pads are indicated on the size chart. If you have a smaller dog with a bigger waist - ie Westie with a 26" waist - the 'off the shelf' XL would be too wide underneath, so you would need to order a custom Large and tell us the waist measurement and breed with your order.

End result:


Sizing Guide for Male Dog Products - Deluxe Belly Bands ©

Measuring for T-shirt / Deluxe Band outfits - limited availability

Where to measure:

Waist: Just in front of hind legs - in this example it would be 15"

Back: From base of neck to top of tail - in this example it would be 9"

Neck: where a collar would go - in this example it would be 12.75"

Chest: Around the widest part of chest behind front legs - in this case it would be 17 1/4"

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