Sizing - Female Dogs

There are over 400 types of Dog breeds in the world and additionally a huge variety of cross-breeds and mixed breeds - all which differ in size and type.

Our Sizing system is unique to us - we cater for dogs starting at 3lb and go up to Great Dane size dogs. We advise all customers to look at our Size Guides, measure their dog's waist and order accordingly. It's best not to guess - as although you may think you have a Medium size dog for example, like a Springer Spaniel, despite their shorter legs they have a bigger body, longer lower back and are usually our size Large or XL depending on their waist.

Measuring will save you time. If you are confused on what to order - email us at and please tell us your breed/type and measurements so we can offer the best advice. ***Existing customers please note: the instructions for measuring have not changed, we have updated the photos and format on this page ***

Please note: Our Made to Measure service has been discontinued and replaced by our adjustable pants products. 


Our Size Chart for Female Products ©

Special Giant Breeds Sizes:

Giant Breeds - waist from 30" (77cm) - 32" (82cm)
The body size is much bigger and longer in the body length - the waistband to waisband overall length is around 30".  This size is based on several custom orders we've made over the years for Great Danes, Bull Mastiffs, large Dogue de Bordeaux, Newfoundland. If you have one of these breeds, but would like a smaller strap, order this size, then let us know the waist measurement.

Giant Breeds - waist from 33" (85cm) - 35" (90cm)
The same giant breed body size (overall waistband to waistband around 30") with the longer strap length indicated - for breeds like Great Danes, Bull Mastiffs, large Dogue de Bordeaux, Newfoundland.

Giant Breeds - waist from 36" (92cm)  - 38" (97cm)
The same giant breed body size (overall waistband to waistband around 30") with the longer strap length indicated - Great Danes, Bull Mastiffs, large Dogue de Bordeaux, Newfoundland.

Getting the Waist measurement for products for Girls

'A' Waist Measurement - visualize where the waistband of the the pants would go - we have put a waistband on our model below to give you an idea - then take a cloth measuring tape and measure as shown below. In this case on our example the waist would be 16".
NB. Our measurements are shown in cm too on the listings and measurement charts.


'B' Measurement : Place your tape measure on the back where the waistband would go - try and visualize a line where the middle of the hook & loop section would go - start there and measure to the top of the tail - as shown below.  In this case the 'B' measurement would be 3.5"


'C' Measurement : This is a tricky measurement to get and you may need an assistant to hold and distract your dog while you're getting it  - however it is relevant as it allows us to make sure the section that goes between the legs isn't baggy. The easiest way is to start on the tummy - again visualize where the waistband would go - that's the starting point. Then bring the tape measure up between the legs, end just below the tail - this would be the bottom of the tailhole on the product. In the below demonstration the 'C' measurement is 7".


If you want to send us the tail circumference - you can do so and we'll make the tailhole accordingly. Please let us know if you include this measurement if your dog has a lot of hair or featherings - so we can allow a bit extra for that. In the below example, the circumference is 4 1/4 and the model has short hair.


End Result :



Measuring for our specialist No Tailhole products for Bulldogs, Frenchies etc. ©

Waist - measure as shown above in the 'A' meaurement section to get the waist measurement.

You can also provide us with a waistband to waistband measurement - here is how to get that.
Start on the tummy where the waistband would go - bring tape measure between the legs and end the measurement on the top of the dog's back where the top part of the waistband would go. In the below example the measurement would be 15"


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