Glenndarcy brand Washable / Reusable Pads and recommended Disposable Pads

Some of our products now include an option to use a washable / reusable pad which fastens into place via high quality plastic Poppers / Snaps.

When this option is available it will be indicated on the listing. The pads won't work with products that don't have this option, as those products don't have the popper technology which keeps the pad in position.

They are available to buy with products or on separate listing.

Washable Pads Size Chart...showing which size pads go with what product.

Glenndacy washable pads are made from multi-layers of highly absorbent microfibre with a top layer of suede cloth.

Using Disposable Pads

All our products can be used with a disposable sanitary towel, panty liner or nappy if that is the preferred option or best tool for the job. The supermarket brand pads and nappies work very well, they are economical, have a sticky back so will stay in place (except nappies) and are much more absorbent than any liners sold in the pet industry.

We send out a basic disposable pad with the product to help get you started - below is a guide to what those pads are and where they come from.

NB - These pads are only a suggestion - use whatever is appropriate and best for your dog's needs. If you need a thicker pad or Tena type pad - then those will work too. **Always remember to frequently check the pad/liner to see if it needs changed**

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