Smarty Pants - Brown - Large/XXL
Smarty Pants - Brown - Large/XXL
Smarty Pants - Brown - Large/XXL
Smarty Pants - Brown - Large/XXL
Smarty Pants - Brown - Large/XXL

Smarty Pants - Brown - Large/XXL

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Adjustable in 3 areas - for all shapes and sizes
Smarty Pants - Brown - Large/XXL
Riptape Waistband - Smarty Pants - Sizes Large to XXL Sizes ...Just for Girls -

Colour : Brown /  Cream lining

Sizes this product covers:

Waist / Girth                                                  - 17" (43cm) - 27" (68cm)
Top of tailhole to top waistband                    -  7"(18cm)   -  10.5" (27cm)
Base of tailhole to waistband underneath     -  9" (23cm)   - 15" (38cm)    
Waistband to waistband (overall)                  - 19" (48cm) -  25"(64cm) 

This product uses reusable/washable pads.

Introducing the world's first fully adjustable female dog nappy. Using colour coded popper technology, this product can be adjusted in the tail section, waist and body length.


Our Smarty Pants can be used for seasons or urine incontinence.  They are ultra lightweight made from premium breathable waterproof fabric - the outer layer is P.U.L (polyester/polyurethane laminated knit fabric) - this fabric is used in nappies for babies. The pants are lined with lightweight, stay dry, ultra-absorbent 70% bamboo/ 30% cotton lining. The product comes with the option to use reusable/washable pads - all products can use disposable pads/nappies.

How to fit Smarty Pants to your dog's unique shape

1. Tailhole adjustment 

On the inside of this product there is a piece of fabric you can position at the top or bottom of the tailhole, depending on whether your dog has a high or low tail position. If your dog has a very bushy tail, you may wish to remove this piece.

Once adjusted, place your dog’s tail through the tailhole.

2. Waistband adjustment

Fasten the strap so it is secure and comfortable - the strap can overlap to go bigger or smaller. 

3. Body Length adjustment -

Once you have adjusted the tailhole and strap, check the section that  contains the pad which goes between the legs. If it is baggy or tight, you can adjust this section too.

Simply take the product off and change the length by adjusting the green poppers on the strap and lower body section. Below shows the longest to shortest settings.

Optional Reusable and Washable Pads - the pads attach to the purple poppers on the product. They are made from layers of highly absorbent bamboo cotton.


Whether you use disposable or reusable pads - remember to check the pads regularly and replace when required

Laundry - product and pads can be machine washed up to 30c, tumble dry low and do not use fabric softener.
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Sylvia Gareau Beaudet
from El Escorial

Las braguitas fueron una ayuda imprescindible en su final de vida

Nuestra galga Wanda llevó estas braguitas durante todo el último año de su vida. Tenía problemas de incontinencia urinaria porque era muy mayor. Son perfectas porque se ajustan muy bien, a pesar de los repetidos lavados se quedan como nuevas y son muy cómodas para las perras. Desgraciadamente nuestra galga falleció el pasado 22 de noviembre. Os estamos muy agradecidos. Hacéis un gran trabajo. Muchas gracias.

Product Code EBSMYV_No_La_Mo
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