Waterproof Fabric Dog Belly Band Wrap

​​​​​​​The outer layer is premium waterproof PUL (polyurethane laminate)
fabric and the inner layer is either soft micro-fleece, or bamboo cotton fleece,
this is indicated on listings.

You can now choose between two types of closure - Riptape (Hook and loop) or Poppers (plastic snaps) for most colours/patterns.​​​​​​​           

      Poppers closing   
                                             Riptape closing


They are machine washable at 30c, a non-biological gentle detergent will work best, tumble dry low, no fabric softener. 

The bands featured in this section all offer our washable pad option - you can also use disposable pads if you prefer - it's worth visiting our 'Pads' page - see top navigation bar - to see what type pad is best suited for your product. 

Check out the size chart and choose the best waist size - and also width, bearing in mind the dog's body length and pad requirement.

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